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'We detect web crashes in real time and ' notify you before everyone finds out.

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every minute counts

Economic report

uptimebolt allows you to react on time, reducing financial and audience losses on digital platforms. Did you know that 80% of organizations have experienced some type of interruption in the last 3 years?


Manage multiple independent organizations, each with their own bolts and settings.

Team members

Up to 10 members associated with each organization. Specific roles and permissions can be assigned to each member.

Global regions

We detect availability problems in different parts of the world.

Instant notifications

The better your incident response plan is, the faster and more effective your team management will be.

find out about everything

We deliver 4 types of alerts: downtime, uptime, breaks and SSL expirations.


Register now and start monitoring with the free account that will be free for life.


First monitoring service in Spanish and English adaptable to your browser.


real time charts

Allows you to customize the interactive zoom to get up to the minute detail in the real-time graph to get a more detailed view of your website's performance. It also displays the detail by global regions.


SSL certificate

We validate the SSL certificate of your website and we notify you about its expiration 5, 15 and 30 days before so that you have enough time to renew it.

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Appearance customization

Dark/light mode

uptimebolt automatically adapts to your browser settings to enable dark mode or you can easily switch with one click, depending on your preferences and needs.

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Relevant information

incident history

See downtime with an incident history and be the first to know what's causing it. Coming soon, detailed report of falls and interruptions.

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Global regions

Know the status of your monitoring in detail in various regions worldwide.

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map zones

Start monitoring, totally free!

Coming soon to uptimebolt

Status page

It will allow you to share the status of your website with your audience in real time.

Status Badge

Users will be able to see if your website is online or if it is experiencing problems.


Integration of messaging tools like Slack, Discord and Microsoft Teams.

Detailed reports

It will allow you to analyze the performance of your website in a selected period of time.

Configurable alerts

Customizing downtime/uptime notifications to your specific needs.

Financial report

It will include details of associated costs such as advertising and support.

And much more...